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Why Do Doctors Keep Us Waiting?

waiting roomI just got off a coaching call with Tom Borg (www.TomBorgConsulting.com) and part of our conversation this week was around doctors and waiting room time.  Doctors who keep their patients waiting today will lose them because time is our most precious commodity.  Restaurants also have a similar scenario when it comes to wait time.   Customer service has become one of the single most important ingredients in all business success! As consumers we have many choices.  There are almost as many restaurants as there are doctors.  Regardless how good the food is, if the wait time exceeds our expectations and we have to eat fast to get to our next stop, the chances are slim that we will go back to that restaurant in the future.

The same is true for doctors.  Last time I went in for my annual checkup, I sat in the waiting room for a half hour.  Finally the nurse came to take me to the examination room.  In the past she would at least take my temperature and blood pressure.  Instead, she said the doctor would be right in.

A half hour later, I lost my patience and walked out after racking up an hour without seeing the doctor.  I told the attendant I had to reschedule and at that very moment the doctor walked out of the lunch room chewing his food brushing off his hands and apologized.  He must have heard me. I told him I had to leave and reschedule and he apologized and reached his hand out to shake mine, which I reluctantly agreed. I told him I would come back and he asked if I needed any prescriptions.

I told him I was set and left.  I wonder why doctors don’t respect their patient’s time.  I am interested if any of you have similar stories to share via comment to this blog post.  I encourage you to contact Tom Borg if you feel your customer service could use a tune up.

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