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What Type of Water Do You Drink?

What Type of Water Do You Drink?Trace Minerals: More important than vitamins

Earlier this week I went to the best chiropractor in the world, Dr. Bowler, at the Essential Chiropractic in Ferndale Michigan.  I have been a patient for 20 years.  Dr Bowler only adjusts the top three vertebra because it is her belief that if your head is on straight, the rest of your body will follow accordingly.

I had a few sore spots and thought for sure my neck was out of alignment.  It was not and Dr Bowler began asking questions.  One big question was “What type of water do you drink?” For about 6 months, we have been getting reverse osmosis water by the gallons.  Dr Bowler said that reverse osmosis water is almost like poison to the body because it robs us of our minerals.

She went on to say that more people suffer from mineral depletion than vitamin depletion. So why the pain? The body is depleted of trace minerals faster with reverse osmosis water because when drank, the osmosis process strips every mineral out of water and our bodies.

Her prescription: stop at any health food store and buy some liquid trace minerals. Add three times the dose to a shot of real water (bottled) and slam it down.  “If you are in touch with your body you will feel immediate relief.” So I did and I did.  It was instant; the pain in my neck went away as well as the lower back pain.

Mineral testing is my next goal to maintain my health. At 53, I completely understand the importance of prevention. I now add a few drops to my bottled water several times each day.  My mood has improved and my body feels a whole lot better.

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