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There’s More Than One Eagle at the Toledo Zoo

eaglesThis is a follow up to an earlier post that I wrote about Joe Walsh performing at the Toledo Zoo Amphitheater. The concert was last night, and even though the drive was about ninety minutes each way, it was worth every bit of effort to go see Joe Walsh perform live in Toledo. He played every song and then some that had become forgotten as well as some that I had even forgotten that were popular title tracks from movies. I recently saw the movie, “Grown Ups” which had a Joe Walsh song titled, “A Life of Illusion” and that reminded me of Joe Walsh’s library. So oddly enough, before I saw the ad on Facebook for his performance at the Toledo Zoo, I had restocked my Joe Walsh archive and went through one of those musical phases that we all go through throughout our lives: I dove into his library and listened to those songs that I used to listen to back in high school. He played every one of them last night and even in between the songs, his wit and sense of humor took the show up to another level. I always love it when you go to a concert and the performer takes time out to talk to the crowd. Joe Walsh is probably one of the most genuine entertainers. He made us laugh in between songs and very effortlessly and genuinely told us stories. He came out and he had such a “matter of fact” personality.

His new album, “Analog Man” is featured on his website and is his first music project in twenty years. The video for “Wrecking Ball” is an edit of a life performance. I love the song, especially the lyrics. As he explained at the concert last night, the name “Analog Man” is about the fact that we live in a digital society walking around looking at our smart phones, texting, tweeting and emailing without enjoying the moment. The title “Analog Man” has to do with detaching yourself from the Internet craziness of living in a virtual world and— to use his phrasing—living a life of illusion.

I’ve posted a few photos below for your enjoyment. If he comes to your town, I highly recommend that you purchase a ticket to go see Joe Walsh—former Eagle, James Gang Band member founder and soloist.


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