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The Secret to My Success

secret to successWhen I speak professionally, people ask me about my personal journey.  Some ask for advice and others want to know what they can do to be more successful.

As my friend and client Mark C. Thompson explains in his presentations, success has different meanings to different people. In my case, I have been extremely fortunate to have been around very successful people for most of my life. That is where I learned this Ed Primeau quote: “you smell like what you rub up against.”

My father, Edmond E. Primeau, was a successful architect who designed many beautiful homes, office buildings, nursing homes and medical centers in and around Detroit in communities like Gross Point Michigan.

He and my mom use to drive to the construction sites and check up on the builders’ and contractors’ progress to make sure that they were following his very detailed directions for the construction.

Having a great father was the foundation to the secret of my success.

I was also fortunate to develop the ability and learn wrong from right at an early age. I didn’t always do what was right, but at least I knew the difference. Parents should always stress the importance of right and wrong to their children in a non controlling way.  If you do not know what I mean, then you are probably controlling.

Parents should also stress the importance of a good education to their children. Today more than ever, a good education is one of the main ingredients of a successful life. Education does more that simply teach.  Education helps the child develop social skills, learn how to interact with others and discover how many different types of people there are in the world.

Through this education process, your children will also learn how to recognize opportunity.  Opportunity is a pathway to success. I have had several door knocks of opportunity over the years that have all contributed to who I am today.

It’s sad, but some people go through life without recognizing opportunity.  They are missing the spark that ignites their passion.  If this happens to be you reading this post, I suggest that you take a retreat and meditate to discover your passion.  Once you know what excites you then you can pursue that passion.

Just like Napoleon Hill’s philosophy, I believe opportunity can come from adversity. Primeau Productions LLC supplies film restoration and product development for the Napoleon Hill Foundation. As a result of this relationship PPLLC has become the most positive place to produce video. Our business environment is one of the most forward thinking video production companies on the face of the earth. Having a strong positive attitude is one of the qualifications for employment.

The friendships we have made with our clients have also contributed to my success.  Our relationships define who we are in life.

Here are three activities that you can do to become more successful.

1. Lend a helping hand to those in need. The only way we can feel successful is to share ourselves with others

2. Read “Think and Grow Rich,” the most important book for living a successful life

3. Share your life lessons with other people


Success is defined by each of us.  Only you can determine the secret to your success.

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