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I have experience presenting compelling information, case studies, and entertaining content to audiences professionally. My speaking topics include: “Video as a Weapon”, “This Business of Forensics” and “My Life in Forensics” which is based on my new book.

I have experience with past clients including The University of Detroit Law School. I presented several times to student lawyers about using forensic experts in litigations. I have also spoken at Notre Dame University, Duquesne University, The National Speakers Association, National Speakers Association Australia, World Game Protection Las Vegas, HTIC InfraGard, The Detroit Bar Association, and National Association of Court Reporters, and several state associations of the National Speakers Association. I have received several awards like chapter member of the year from NSA. I have traveled as far as Australia to speak professionally.

Here is a sample of me presenting to an audience of the NSAA Austraillia chapter on marketing:

Video as a Weapon

In this program, I will discuss and demonstrate how and why video can be used as a weapon. Consider the George Floyd murder and the number of cameras that recorded that event. Video recordings of persons in public have helped me build one of the largest public digital media labs in the world. There is surely no lack of audio and video recordings that require forensic enhancement and or authentication. These recordings often display hideous recordings of gruesome crimes. I have pretty much seen it all. However, these video recordings are great demonstrative case studies I like to talk about in this program.

This Business of Forensics

In this program, I talk about running a successful forensic practice founded on scientific community best practices. There are many people that call themselves experts and have very little training and experience let alone the ability to stay in their lane. I once met an expert in forensic psychology who also did voice comparative analysis. He used the outdated aural spectral methodology and charged $300.00 for a voice comparison test! These “experts” do not follow the best practices and will eventually help us pros reduce the competition.

My Life in Forensics

I will share my successes as well as failures in business and in life. This program is based on my new book, “Nothing But The Truth” where I explain how my life blossomed into a boutique career that I never saw coming. I will share my Internet marketing secret sauce and successful leadership tips and advice.

“People don’t care what you know until they know that you care”.

I use real case studies and discuss everything from video SEO to SEM to Social Media to Internet marketing to leadership to systems and operation.

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Address: 1703 Star Batt Dr
Rochester Hills, Michigan 48309

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