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Private Investigator-Background Check

My team and I operate a private investigation company in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Our client base is scattered throughout the state of Michigan with a majority of our clients in South East Michigan. We help people understand the integrity of others. As an employer, do you conduct background checks on your candidates before you hire them? When starting a relationship, do you wonder if the person you are involved with is truthful? Have you ever investigated their background? Do they have a criminal record or other skeleton in their closet?

Engaging with a licensed and bonded private investigator like myself can help ease your mind with a few simple steps. First, a private investigator will help you arrive at informative conclusions about people. All I need to run a background check is a persons phone number. My team and I have been vetted by organizations that have valuable websites, software and databases. I can easily sign in and research a detailed background check based on the person you are vetting.

The word vet means to investigate (somebody) thoroughly, especially in order to ensure that they are suitable for a job requiring security, loyalty and trust. In the past, it was OK to hire a person based on a resume and references. This is no longer the case because today’s work force has become very vulnerable.

Give us a call or send an email letting us know how we can help you vet future employees for your business or tenants for your rental properties.


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