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Need More Fun: Blue Agave Bed and Breakfast

Blue Agave Bed and BreakfastDo you ever find yourself with too much going on in one day? It seems like some days people and problems sneak up on me and cause stress and anxiety. That’s why when I travel I like to seek out of the ordinary lodging like bed and breakfasts. This is great because I am able to ‘get away’ from the chaos of the work I am traveling for and have some ‘Ed time.’

On a recent business trip to Tucson, Arizona I had an excellent experience with Blue Agave Bed and Breakfast. My assistant Rachel found them online and booked my entire time in Tucson at their amazing facility. During the day I drove to the hotel and took care of business. At the end of the day I drove back to the peace and tranquility of http://blueagavebb.com/

It was great to meet Dana and Peter Smith. That was a pleasant surprise because I am not very social when I am on ‘Ed time’. At the end of the day when I drove home, it was great to chat with the Smiths and watch the sunset. It became a tradition in a short amount of time.

The rooms are larger than what I am used to at other bed and breakfasts. The furnishings were bright and beautiful. There was K cup coffee in the room! Every room has a porch which overlooks the mountains and a walk out door wall. There was a television and cable TV but I never turned it on. Wireless Internet worked perfectly.

Every morning before their ‘amazing healthy breakfasts’ (that were more than filling) I went for a walk on the mountain trails which had so many types of plant and wild life along the way.  Dana told me a story about a veterinarian who went for a walk and picked up a dead scorpion that was not dead; bummer for him! The moral of that story is don’t trust a dead scorpion, they pretend to be dead to fool humans.  I luckily saw no scorpions.

So when you find yourself traveling, consider getting away from the chaos and find a bed and breakfast to get away from it all. If you find yourself in Tucson, Arizona, book a room at the Blue Agave. Tell them Ed sent you!

photo credit: oatmeal pancakes via photopin (license)

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