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My Favorite Hair Care Product

hair careMany guys (and gals) know that as men age they lose testosterone. It’s a big deal because low testosterone causes weight gain because lack of testosterone lowers metabolism. Another bummer is hair loss. Therefore, many aging men have excess belly fat and are balding. Funny thing is that the hair does not really fall out—it grows back into the head and comes out in the nose and ears. (Just kidding!)

Seriously, excess belly fat is a health concern and hair loss is a social concern. By walking and bike riding daily, I have managed to regulate (but not really lose) weight.  If I watch what I eat closely and keep exercising, I can actually lose two or three pounds a week.

The real problem is hair loss.  Most men believe it’s uncontrollable.  I don’t know about getting hair to grow back once it’s gone, but I do know how to keep what’s left.  At fifty-three I still have a pretty good head of hair which is VIP for my self confidence.

How do I do it?  Bosley hair care products.  I was introduced to Bosley by Eileen, the lady who cuts my hair when I am in town. She gave me some samples and immediately my hair became thicker! So I bought the hair care package from Ulta and three months later, I can’t get over how much more hair I have. Plus, the cost is very reasonable. It’s less than a bottle of premium scotch.

I know this is a strange topic to blog about, but I just had to tell the world one of my discoveries and hopefully Bosley will also find out about another satisfied customer.

photo credit: Moon Scape of Bald Head via photopin (license)

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