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Joe Walsh at the Toledo Zoo

the eagles toledo zooLast week I was on facebook for a moment when I noticed an ad for Joe Walsh at the Toledo zoo amphitheatre. I thought it was kind of strange because it didn’t make sense when I first saw the ad, so I clicked on it. I’ve noticed a lot of Facebook ads popping up lately on the few occasions that I visit Facebook, but this one really caught me because I absolutely love Joe Walsh.

A quote from one of his songs that I personally love goes, “Spent the last year Rocky Mountain Way, couldn’t get much higher. Look out John Denver.” Joe Walsh is also big part of my childhood because after listening to the James Gang for so many evenings and at so many parties during high school, I gradually fell in love with his music.  Then his solo career was a blockbuster with “Rocky Mountain Way” and after the Eagles connected with him, this took that already successful band to another level. Now as I look back at Joe Walsh’s career I’m absolutely impressed with his expertise and eloquence with the way he writes and composes music.

One thing in particular, though, that I didn’t know about Joe Walsh was that he lost his young daughter in a car accident and he composed a song  for her, which was similar to what Eric Clapton did with “Tears In Heaven.” In my opinion, when a songwriter can use their craft like Joe Walsh did to work though a major tragedy in their life, my respect for them increases tenfold.

Continuing on with Joe Walsh’s history, he completed his career with the Eagles and then took some time off for himself. I remember this because the first time I ever saw him in concert was with the Ringo Star All Star Band, which is composed of many performances of different musicians who had been in retirement and had come back again. Joe Walsh absolutely kicked ass with the rest of Ringo’s band.

When I saw this ad on Facebook and clicked on it, I was taken to Ticketmaster which gave me the opportunity to search for tickets. I then called a friend of mine who always goes to see shows of this nature with me. He also thought it would be awesome to go to the show. I clicked the best two tickets available and up popped some incredible seats. I thought this surely this had to be a mistake, and as I followed though the purchasing process I realized that the ad must have just come on Facebook. It was all very serendipitous and we ended up getting two front row seats to go see Joe Walsh at the Toledo zoo amphitheatre.

In a way it’s kind of sad that such a legendary talent has to resort to playing at such a bizarre location. I’m sure there was a reason behind it that might become clear between now and May 31st when I go to the concert. But initially, it’s a very strange situation. Now it looks like it’s outdoors, so it’s rain or shine and there’s probably some kind of an overhang above at least part of the pavilion seats. I have to admit, I’ve never been to the Toledo zoo before, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it so this is going to be an interesting experience. I might even go early and take in some animal viewing before we go to the rock show that night.

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