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It’s Important to Know Who Cried for Help

Trayvon MartinAfter spending nearly a full week listening to the Trayvon Martin 911 calls, it has become even more apparent to me why the cries for help are so important. Those cries bring up questions from a forensic perspective that would help solve the case if they were answered. Since the voice is not Zimmerman’s, whose was it? Were there any other people at the scene of the crime that we do not know about? If not, then by process of elimination, we know who was yelling for help. The people in the neighborhood were too fearful to go outside as heard in the other 911 calls. If they had gone outside, we would have eye witnesses. There are several additional facts after further voice analysis. First, I am greatly concerned about why Zimmerman did not listen to the 911 operator and wait for police. Could it have been because he didn’t want a suspicious character that may have been guilty of a breaking and entering crime to “get away with it”? I am also forensically concerned about how Zimmerman’s voice changed during the 911 call: specifically, the concern he expressed to the 911 operator which is recorded “these assholes always get away.” He made this statement in a very resentful vocal tone which is different from the sincere vocal tone he had at the beginning of the call. Then after giving police directions, he mumbled something under his breath (which I believe is not a positive phrase and is derogatory). Why the altercation? Police were less than 5 minutes away and would have handled the situation.  Zimmerman could have just followed Trayvon and helped police apprehend him. Then the big question, why did Zimmerman shoot to kill? He could have shot Trayvon in the shoulder or foot to maim him and keep him from getting away. Instead he shot to kill him. This is not a theory, this is a fact. So since there have been no formal charges, the people of the United States have taken sides. This is exactly what we did not want to happen. Protests continue across the country. The media has taken over as our judicial system because our legal system has failed us. I believe it is important to know who cried for help. This single development may be the most important piece of information authorities have about the Trayvon Martin killing. If this were Trayvon crying for help, then why did Zimmerman lie and say it was him? Was he worried about the charges? Up to this point, I have not been paid a dime for my time or my preliminary testing. I did this preliminary voice identification work in an attempt to help a difficult situation. Here are the forensic steps I have taken to analyze the 911 audio recordings. First, I critically listened to the calls and made several observations about the voices in two of the calls (George Zimmerman’s call and the woman’s call with the screaming and gunshot) and noted speech and voice characteristics. I immediately believed that the cries for help were not George Zimmerman’s. The following day I conducted further testing. I created a back to back edited digital audio file using sections from the Zimmerman call and the screaming male. This is how I confirmed my initial opinion that the cry for help is not Zimmerman. Next I applied light equalization, noise reduction and compression to the Zimmerman call so that I could hear his words more clearly. I was listening for anything that might help me understand more about the audio recordings. This is when I observed the mumbling by George Zimmerman after giving the 911 operator directions. I also noticed how his attitude and mood changed while talking to the 911 operator.  These observations were all noted as I continued to make observations. Think about it, why would a guy with a loaded gun who was stalking someone suddenly turn into a victim? That’s what the Zimmerman team is claiming. Whatever Trayvon did was in self-defense. Heck, perhaps he tried to stand his ground too (of course 17 year old kids know all the laws that protect them, right?) And, silly him, he didn’t have a gun. A young man is dead, there is evidence that needs to be examined and additional testing that should be conducted. For forensics investigation to proceed, an exemplar needs to be created. If the court would step in and order Mr. Zimmerman to cooperate, an exemplar or sample of Mr. Zimmerman’s voice could be recorded and analyzed against the original cries for help. This sample would be created to be as identical to the original as possible. For example, place Mr. Zimmerman in the exact location where the altercation took place. A forensic expert would help orchestrate this exemplar recording process and direct Mr. Zimmerman to scream like the cries for help in the recorded 911 call. Those voice samples would be recorded using as many of the same electronics that were used in the original recording as possible. In a perfect world, the same phone and 911 call center would cooperate and help facilitate the recording. When complete, an audio forensic expert would conduct a formal voice identification test and report their findings. If Trayvon were alive, the same test could be conducted on his voice. It is my understanding that there are no Trayvon media (audio or video) recordings available other than his cell phone (which is better than nothing). Voice identification is an art and a science and is a valuable tool in litigation. If you would like to learn more about voice identification, one of my mentors, Mr. Steve Cain, wrote a great article which is published on Expert Pages: http://expertpages.com/news/voiceprint_identification.htm. photo credit: Trayvon Martin Rally-0113-14-Jul-2013-Manhattan via photopin (license)

2 thoughts on “It’s Important to Know Who Cried for Help”

  1. If the court asks Mr. Zimmerman to provide a voice exemplar or sample, he’ll gladly comply to prove that it was indeed his voice crying for help.

    As for a sample of Trayvon’s voice: Given that many teenagers have video recorders sitting in their pockets and purses, I would imagine there could be recordings of him at his school, or friends who may have shot video at a party or while goofing around.

  2. You are no audio expert.

    The guy clearly says punks and you don’t even know this after 2 weeks of people already doing the work and showing that there is clearly two plosive constants clearly spoken where he supposedly said the c word, which only has one.

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