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GlobalEntry.com: A Process that Saves Time and Hassle

Airport Security I travel a lot for both work and pleasure. One of my least favorite things about traveling is security. The security of the United States has evolved into a necessary process when traveling. Take off your coat, belt, and shoes; remove laptop, cell phone and all objects from your pockets. Step in (hurry up!) and raise your hands above your head. Smile, you are being x-rayed again! On a trip back home to Michigan I noticed a TSA ‘Pre-Screen’ sign at security in the Nashville airport and asked an agent for the low down. I had seen the signs before but misunderstood the concept and value. She explained that any American citizen can apply online, pay a $100 non-refundable application fee, and if approved, schedule a face to face interview at border patrol. Then, if you are one of the chosen few selected to qualify as an outstanding citizen, you receive the ability to be a hassle free traveler. I have to admit the process was fairly easy until I went to the well hidden Border Patrol office in Downtown Detroit. Once I found the office I completed my interview. The officer then took the worst picture I have ever had taken in my entire life and informed me that I passed. I was to receive an identification card in the mail within 8-10 business days.  Sure enough, the card showed up and I felt a sense of accomplishment. The process left out one very important piece of information, though. No one had told me that in order to use the card I had to go into my profile on Delta (my carrier of choice) and enter the Global Entry ID information in order to be able to use the card. The card looks very official and includes my passport number. When I proudly handed the card and my boarding pass to the TSA at Detroit Metro Airport during its first use, the TSA officer told me I had to go through the ‘regular’ security lane because my boarding pass did not reflect my Global Entry status. I look forward to my prescreening future of travel and the number of hours I will save standing in lines and disrobing for TSA. I think I’ll add a few travel destinations to my bucket list now that I have Global Entry status.

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