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Early Influences Guide our Lives

8mm cameraI believe that early childhood experiences have a profound impact on our personal and professional lives.

I am convinced that I developed a passion for film and video because of my father.  When I was young, he bought a Sears 8MM film camera and began filming family events.  Lucky for me, not only did I have that role modeling, but today I still have those movies.

Back in the 90’s I transferred those films to VHS and gave a copy to each of my siblings. The positive reinforcement I received was a confirmation that I was in the right business and following my passion.

Today these films are on DVD but I intend on transferring them again using high definition video technology.  The DVDs look ok but will look much better when the film is transferred with higher quality equipment. Those family movies have great value to me and I want to keep them in best condition possible.

Watching my father be passionate about the movie camera was very powerful to me.  He was an architect and hand drew the title slides which I was delegated to hold at the beginning of each scene.

These titles were extremely professional and bring up a lot of early childhood memories every time I view the videos.

Here’s the real kicker: this passion has been passed down to my children; two of the four love video production.  I have almost every single event in their early years, and even today, caught on video. I believe their early experiences of witnessing me filming the family activity had a profound impact on their character development just like the impact my father had on me.

Fathers have a huge responsibility raising children.  I am not a licensed psychologist but after being around the best father I ever met, I believe that my fathering skills have contributed to my raising four very successful young adults.  I am extremely happy to have made this connection between early influences and my children.

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