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The role of a forensic and business consultant is to help the consulting client save time with a given goal. Goals include business growth, pretrial investigation, professional growth, practicing best practices, developing workflow processes for any given investigation, trial strategy, and evidence chain of custody to name a few.

As a successful audio and video forensic expert of 38 years, I also consult and perform voir dier of opposing experts, evidence and trial strategy, and general business development including Internet Marketing.  I have been retained to help students seeking employment in forensics, and attorneys with litigation involving audio and video evidence recordings. There is also a one-time only ‘Pick Ed’s Brain” consulting option. Call 248-320-8282 for pricing details. 

Through the years, I’ve created and grown several businesses. Some failed and some succeeded like primeauForensics.com. As a result, I’ve developed a treasure chest of wisdom, connections, and real-world experience and expertise which I’m willing to share. I also will answer any questions you have about audio and video evidence, trial strategy, and courtroom playback of forensically enhanced recordings. 

It is worth your time to contact me and set up a preliminary phone, Skype, or Teams video conference. 

Email: Ed@PrimeauCompanies.com

Phone: 248-320-8282.