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Private Investigator-Background Check

My team and I operate a private investigation company in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Our client base is scattered throughout the state of Michigan with a majority of our clients in South East Michigan. We help people understand the integrity of others. As an employer, do you conduct background checks on […]


The National Speakers Association Founder Cavett Robert

I met Cavett Robert, a modern day philosopher, in 1994 at my first National Speakers Association convention in Washington DC.  That year I also met Og Mandino, Zig Ziglar and Mark Victor Hansen.  It was an amazing convention at both the hotel that facilitated the convention and the Vietnam Wall […]


Unemployment Sucks

A few months ago I was at a friend’s mother’s funeral. Afterwards at the wake I sat across from a man who looked to be in his late 40s. Because my nature is talkative, I struck up a conversation with him and he began to tell me that he was […]


My Favorite Hair Care Product

Many guys (and gals) know that as men age they lose testosterone. It’s a big deal because low testosterone causes weight gain because lack of testosterone lowers metabolism. Another bummer is hair loss. Therefore, many aging men have excess belly fat and are balding. Funny thing is that the hair […]


Collector Coins: a Great Investment You Can See Every Day

I have been collecting coins for as long as I can remember. My brothers and father introduced me to the hobby which has turned into quite an investment. When I started, silver coins were in circulation. My paper routes gave me plenty of coins to search and keep.  Although most […]