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10 Reasons to Become a Police Officer

Three weeks ago, I completed a 5 day training course in video evidence recovery and disc imaging with Resolution Video at the Lakewood Washington Police Department. There were 29 police officers from various states, three civilians and myself, a video forensic expert with 32 years of experience. We worked in […]


Thought Leadership and Marketing: Three Tips for Success

Thought Leadership and Marketing are two very important aspects to business that are often overlooked, unaccounted for, and completely ignored.  No wonder 70% of all new businesses fail in the first year http://smallbiztrends.com/2008/04/startup-failure-rates.html. Marketing is the activity of getting your business name out there. “Out there” has different definitions depending […]


What Type of Water Do You Drink?

Trace Minerals: More important than vitamins Earlier this week I went to the best chiropractor in the world, Dr. Bowler, at the Essential Chiropractic in Ferndale Michigan.  I have been a patient for 20 years.  Dr Bowler only adjusts the top three vertebra because it is her belief that if […]


The Secret to My Success

When I speak professionally, people ask me about my personal journey.  Some ask for advice and others want to know what they can do to be more successful. As my friend and client Mark C. Thompson explains in his presentations, success has different meanings to different people. In my case, […]


Early Influences Guide our Lives

I believe that early childhood experiences have a profound impact on our personal and professional lives. I am convinced that I developed a passion for film and video because of my father.  When I was young, he bought a Sears 8MM film camera and began filming family events.  Lucky for […]


Why Do Doctors Keep Us Waiting?

I just got off a coaching call with Tom Borg (www.TomBorgConsulting.com) and part of our conversation this week was around doctors and waiting room time.  Doctors who keep their patients waiting today will lose them because time is our most precious commodity.  Restaurants also have a similar scenario when it […]