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Need More Fun: Blue Agave Bed and Breakfast

Do you ever find yourself with too much going on in one day? It seems like some days people and problems sneak up on me and cause stress and anxiety. That’s why when I travel I like to seek out of the ordinary lodging like bed and breakfasts. This is […]


GlobalEntry.com: A Process that Saves Time and Hassle

I travel a lot for both work and pleasure. One of my least favorite things about traveling is security. The security of the United States has evolved into a necessary process when traveling. Take off your coat, belt, and shoes; remove laptop, cell phone and all objects from your pockets. […]

What America Does Not Know About Tequila

I was just in Mexico video recording the 75th anniversary of EL Viejito, which is a very small tequila making company in Guadalajara, and I was amazed to see the work ethic, the quality, and the volume of product this company produced. The interesting thing about tequila is that most […]