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Private Investigator-Background Check

My team and I operate a private investigation company in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Our client base is scattered throughout the state of Michigan with a majority of our clients in South East Michigan. We help people understand the integrity of others. As an employer, do you conduct background checks on […]

10 Reasons to Become a Police Officer

Three weeks ago, I completed a 5 day training course in video evidence recovery and disc imaging with Resolution Video at the Lakewood Washington Police Department. There were 29 police officers from various states, three civilians and myself, a video forensic expert with 32 years of experience. We worked in […]



As a successful audio and video forensic expert of 38 years, I have often retained to voir dier an opposing expert, consult for evidence and trial strategy, and general business development including Internet Marketing. The purpose of this web page is to communicate two consulting options for you. The first […]


Digital Media Forensics – Preparation and Presentation at Trial

I recently testified in one of the most involved, and important, cases of my career. I was confident in my testimony because my client lawyer and I spent time preparing and rehearsing my testimony. While waiting two days for my turn to testify, I continued to review my investigative notes, […]



Fall always reminds me of one of the most amazing songs I have ever heard in my life. It was written by John Lennon. He was born on October 9, 1940 and murdered on December 8, 1980. I bet you have heard the song; it’s a song full of hope […]


My Beatles Playlist – Fifty Years of Sound Variations

My friends know how much I love the music of the Beatles. I recently discovered something new that motivated me to write this blog post. In other blog posts, I have written about audio, both analogue and digital. I have also written about the mixing process in studio when making […]


Tom Petty and the Market-Breakers

What Tom Petty’s New Album Can Teach Us About Online Marketing Not many artists can do what Tom Petty has done. Between countless hit singles, sold out tours around the world, and even performing at the Superbowl halftime show, Tom Petty has practically taken the music world by storm during […]


Analog to Digital…and Back to Analog

The mastering process used in pressing a vinyl album was complex, and required significant pre-processing, unlike today’s digital media. Due to the physical limitations of the LP format, some additional processing was necessary before and after the cutting of the album to achieve the best sound. The most important part […]


Need More Fun: Blue Agave Bed and Breakfast

Do you ever find yourself with too much going on in one day? It seems like some days people and problems sneak up on me and cause stress and anxiety. That’s why when I travel I like to seek out of the ordinary lodging like bed and breakfasts. This is […]


Converting an Audio Cassette Tape Into a CD or Digital Audio File

If you have irreplaceable audio recordings on cassette tape that you want to preserve, it is important to know that the anticipated shelf life of analog audio tape is only 25 years or less. Therefore, precious old recordings of your baby’s first words, your high school garage band, or grandpa’s […]