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10 Reasons to Become a Police Officer

Three weeks ago, I completed a 5 day training course in video evidence recovery and disc imaging with Resolution Video at the Lakewood Washington Police Department. There were 29 police officers from various states, three civilians and myself, a video forensic expert with 32 years of experience. We worked in groups to help the assignments go quickly and to increase the learning experience. I was partnered with a police officer for most of my assignments.
My company, Primeau Forensics, has worked with many demographic sectors, police departments being one of them. We perform digital evidence recovery, audio and video enhancement, audio and video authentication and voice identification. I have learned a lot from our relationships working with police officers. In the following post, I would like to describe why I believe people become police officers.

One, people become police officers because the job is exciting. Think about all the jobs you have worked in your life. Does the word ‘excitement’ describe any of them? Police officers answer emergency calls, they protect and serve their community and make a difference in people’s lives. The excitement keeps them dedicated day after day.

Two, a police officer makes a decent income. The national average is $60,000.00 a year. They have job security, a pension plan and a retirement account.
Three, police officers have plenty of opportunity for job advancement. The officers I have met in my life have all received promotions during their careers. Promotions include new and different responsibilities, as well as pay increases.

Four, several of the police officers I know have taken early retirement. It must be comforting to know that if you chose to, you can retire early and have a pension to live on. I like to view this as an exit strategy, something many workers do not think of during the course of their career.

Five, police officers are respected in their community. When they proudly wear their uniform and are working in their community, they feel respect from citizens.

Six, police officers make a difference in people’s lives. I myself have had experience with amazing service from police officers. One night, my daughter was missing. I called the local sheriff’s office and a car was in my driveway in less than five minutes. It turned out that she was just absent minded and her cell phone battery died. While I was worried and upset, the first responding officer made me feel better.

Seven, police officers are in good physical shape because they generally do not spend their work day sitting behind a desk. They mostly stay active and move regularly during their work shift. They also have access to exercise facilities which helps them stay healthy and fit.

Eight, police officers testify in court and help convict criminals beyond their arrest. Their testimony is very powerful because of their respect in the community. Their training benefits them, as well, as they are able to convey their involvement during testifying calmly and in detail.

Nine, they have each other to rely and depend on during difficult times. The police community is extremely supportive and available to officers in need.

Ten, unlike other jobs, police officers receive ongoing training. They are trained extensively to protect the community they live in.

I am not personally made of the character to be a police officer but I am thankful to work with the police and enjoy doing so. I would like to wish a sincere thank you to police officers everywhere because with lack of police presence, our society would end up in utter chaos.

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