Corporate Video Production in Detroit, Michigan

Video Production DetroitIt is true; the economy is improving in Detroit, Michigan! As owner and CEO of Primeau Productions I watched our business grow over 30% in 2013. This is partly because we work on corporate video (hot link) around the world. This is also due to the fact that we are also earning more business closer to home.

You may find this blog post helpful to learn more about corporate video production (hot link to new Primeau blog post). Corporate video production in Detroit, Michigan has not been easy. We opened our doors in 1984 and survived three major reinventions before arriving at the success we enjoy today.

Some of the lessons I have learned from corporate video production:

First, the customer is not always right. The corporate client may think they know what they want in the way of video production but most always, they don’t. This is where having a professional video production company (key words) who knows the importance of learning your business during the creative development phase of video production is crucial. Primeau Productions takes the time to conduct several pre-production meetings and conversations to learn about your company.

During this creative development phase, we uncover the benefits of doing business with your company. This is the back bone of your corporate video (hot link). Even with explainer videos (hot link to web page) we must learn about the company we are marketing and promoting.

Another lesson I have learned is in corporate video, people buy people. I personally do not like completely animated video production. Talking head video, including interviews with key personnel and customer testimonials, is a must in order for corporate video to be a success.

Corporate video success comes in many forms. The main success is getting the phone to ring or receive an email or completed website follow up form. Another less frequent success is to earn a sale from the message in your corporate video. Heck, there are some company websites that earn passive income from corporate video!

A final lesson to share is that corporate videos must be entertaining. They have to have a high degree of creative energy that viewers find interesting. When you entertain a viewer, you have the potential to earn a ‘share.’ When your corporate video is shared, the action helps other prospects discover your company. That is how business grows, even in Detroit, Michigan.

I am proud of our success at Primeau Productions.



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