Corporate Video Production in Detroit, Michigan

Video Production DetroitIt is true; the economy is improving in Detroit, Michigan! As owner and CEO of Primeau Productions I watched our business grow over 30% in 2013. This is partly because we work on corporate video (hot link) around the world. This is also due to the fact that we are also earning more business closer to home.

You may find this blog post helpful to learn more about corporate video production (hot link to new Primeau blog post). Corporate video production in Detroit, Michigan has not been easy. We opened our doors in 1984 and survived three major reinventions before arriving at the success we enjoy today.

Some of the lessons I have learned from corporate video production:

First, the customer is not always right. The corporate client may think they know what they want in the way of video production but most always, they don’t. This is where having a professional video production company (key words) who knows the importance of learning your business during the creative development phase of video production is crucial. Primeau Productions takes the time to conduct several pre-production meetings and conversations to learn about your company.

During this creative development phase, we uncover the benefits of doing business with your company. This is the back bone of your corporate video (hot link). Even with explainer videos (hot link to web page) we must learn about the company we are marketing and promoting.

Another lesson I have learned is in corporate video, people buy people. I personally do not like completely animated video production. Talking head video, including interviews with key personnel and customer testimonials, is a must in order for corporate video to be a success.

Corporate video success comes in many forms. The main success is getting the phone to ring or receive an email or completed website follow up form. Another less frequent success is to earn a sale from the message in your corporate video. Heck, there are some company websites that earn passive income from corporate video!

A final lesson to share is that corporate videos must be entertaining. They have to have a high degree of creative energy that viewers find interesting. When you entertain a viewer, you have the potential to earn a ‘share.’ When your corporate video is shared, the action helps other prospects discover your company. That is how business grows, even in Detroit, Michigan.

I am proud of our success at Primeau Productions.



The National Speakers Association Founder Cavett Robert

National Speakers Association I met Cavett Robert, a modern day philosopher, in 1994 at my first National Speakers Association convention in Washington DC.  That year I also met Og Mandino, Zig Ziglar and Mark Victor Hansen.  It was an amazing convention at both the hotel that facilitated the convention and the Vietnam Wall Memorial. At the time, I had no clue who Cavett Robert was. Cavett Robert was the founder of the National Speakers Association.  He wanted to form a national organization with the goals of making professional speaking a full-time job.  His first stab at forming the National Speakers Association failed. Nobody believed that anyone could have a full time job as a professional speaking for a living. Cavett was persistent.  He used his skills as a salesman and won people over to form the National Speakers Association. To this day, NSA promotes the high ethical and professional standards of its members. NSA’s first president was the late Bill Gove. The organization began with sales seminars in Phoenix for eight years. Twenty people joined at the NSA’s incorporation. At the fifth year convention held in New Orleans, 300 people attended, which was more than three times the number of any previous gathering. Today, NSA has around 4,500 members and continues to grow! There is now an International Speaking Federation for world-wide members, and according to my friend Terry Brock, a new chapter has launched in Panama where Terry resides every August. Cavett passed away in 1997, leaving a lasting legacy in every individual’s heart who has heard a motivational speaker or trainer from the National Speaker’s Association. Today, Primeau Productions has been asked by Joe Sabah to digitally restore some Cavett Robert video from 1973 and share it with the world so everyone can understand first hand who Cavett was. The footage we uploaded of Cavett’s final performance at an NSA convention is on the Primeau Productions YouTube channel.  These newly restored videos can be seen here: Cavett Robert Live – Ep. 1: A History of Professional Speaking from Primeau_Productions on Vimeo. Cavett Robert Live – Ep. 4: A History of Professional Speaking from Primeau_Productions on Vimeo. Primeau Productions feels it is important to preserve our modern day philosopher’s messages on video whenever possible.  Video recordings of modern day philosophers like Cavett, Napoleon Hill and others like Earl Nightingale have been professionally restored and are available for your viewing on the Primeau Productions YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/PrimeauProductions?feature=mhee   If you know of any film or video footage that is need of restoration, we would love to speak with you.

Unemployment Sucks

unemploymentA few months ago I was at a friend’s mother’s funeral. Afterwards at the wake I sat across from a man who looked to be in his late 40s. Because my nature is talkative, I struck up a conversation with him and he began to tell me that he was unemployed, and had been for 12 years. Twelve years. Listening to him talk it occurred to me that his biggest reason for being unemployed for 12 years is he had not been flexible in any aspect of his employment. He was bitter about a job he was let go from. So I guess you could say his ego was keeping him from employment.

Now, regardless of who is right and wrong in a situation like that, you have to change something about what you’re doing in order to gain success. You have to change something that you’re doing in order to have a job opportunity present itself. He went on to tell me that the Internet has really screwed up a lot of his employment opportunity. I didn’t get it, so I asked what he meant. He said people are posting their resumes online and applying for jobs online.

Since I am in the video production business and video marketing is one of our activities, I asked him why that was screwing up his opportunity for employment. He said because it was a complete waste of time. I could tell this conversation was about to conclude because I was beginning to realize this was not somebody I saw eye to eye with. He was an electrical engineer, worked for one of the car companies (who, by the way, are doing pretty well today, and there’s no reason he should still be unemployed). So as a last ditch effort, I threw out “have you considered applying at either Lowe’s or Home Depot?”  At least it was something to get him out and in circulation again, learning how to interact with people – which was an ability I was beginning to seriously doubt he had, considering the way this conversation was headed. He replied that both Lowe’s and Home Depot require that applications be made online. As crazy as this sounds, it’s even crazier to think of an unemployed person creating a paper resume and expecting an employer to pick them from among dozens of other paper resumes they’ve received.

We’re in the video production business, and our candidates who apply for editor, motion graphic designer and audio engineer positions use the Internet and video to get my attention to be considered for an interview. We just hired a new video editor, Michael Brink. His application, along with two others, got my attention because of the video samples and content that came with his application and resume. After interviewing three people, Mike being one of them, we chose Mike because of his great attitude, personality and technical skill and ability. How could any of that have come across in a traditional paper resume? However, those qualities can be expressed in a video resume.

After experiencing the types of video demos that I receive with applications for employment, it occurred to me that this should be a product that is offered to our unemployment community, to be used as a way to stand out from the competition. Unemployment sucks! But the only reason it sucks is because there is a lack of understanding on the part of the unemployed on what to do to change their circumstances. Now, I’m not saying that all unemployed people think this way – this is a general observation, but the definition of insanity – if I haven’t already said this – is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. So in order to change your unemployed status to employed, consider investing in a video resume that can show your people skills, personality and potential to a qualified employer.

My Favorite Hair Care Product

hair careMany guys (and gals) know that as men age they lose testosterone. It’s a big deal because low testosterone causes weight gain because lack of testosterone lowers metabolism. Another bummer is hair loss. Therefore, many aging men have excess belly fat and are balding. Funny thing is that the hair does not really fall out—it grows back into the head and comes out in the nose and ears. (Just kidding!)

Seriously, excess belly fat is a health concern and hair loss is a social concern. By walking and bike riding daily, I have managed to regulate (but not really lose) weight.  If I watch what I eat closely and keep exercising, I can actually lose two or three pounds a week.

The real problem is hair loss.  Most men believe it’s uncontrollable.  I don’t know about getting hair to grow back once it’s gone, but I do know how to keep what’s left.  At fifty-three I still have a pretty good head of hair which is VIP for my self confidence.

How do I do it?  Bosley hair care products.  I was introduced to Bosley by Eileen, the lady who cuts my hair when I am in town. She gave me some samples and immediately my hair became thicker! So I bought the hair care package from Ulta and three months later, I can’t get over how much more hair I have. Plus, the cost is very reasonable. It’s less than a bottle of premium scotch.

I know this is a strange topic to blog about, but I just had to tell the world one of my discoveries and hopefully Bosley will also find out about another satisfied customer.

photo credit: Moon Scape of Bald Head via photopin (license)

Collector Coins: a Great Investment You Can See Every Day

Morgan Silver DollarI have been collecting coins for as long as I can remember. My brothers and father introduced me to the hobby which has turned into quite an investment. When I started, silver coins were in circulation. My paper routes gave me plenty of coins to search and keep.  Although most of my collection is kept in a safety deposit box at the bank, I keep an inventory on hand to view and appreciate every day.

One thing I realized I love about coin collecting, or numismatics as the hobby is titled, is that unlike stocks and mutual funds, coins are available to visually enjoy, touch and feel every day. Another thing I love about collecting coins is they always gone up in value if know what and how to collect. Personally, I love toned silver coins. I have a collection of Bust Half Dollars and Morgan Silver Dollars that are among my prize possessions.

If you collect or are thinking about collecting coins, I strongly recommend that you buy coins that are third party graded and authenticated. eBay has some great deals, but do your homework before buying. Here are some reasons to buy only third party graded coins:

  • Third party graded coins are authentic and genuine based on a third party’s expertise
  • If you ever want to sell your coins, having them third party graded maintains their value
  • There is no doubt about the grade of your coin since the third party grading is credible
  • Third party professional coin graders have no emotional stake in the value of your coin

Rainbow Morgan DollarHaving a coin graded by a third party professional grading service will cost you about $35 on average. Let’s use a Morgan Silver Dollar for sale on eBay for $100. You can research the value of this coin on the PCGS website and confirm its market value. If the value of your coin is $100 and is in a third party graded sealed plastic holder like the one in the picture, then you can add at least a $35 value to your coin and have made a profit before you receive the coin. The price to have that coin graded by any of the reputable coin grading services like ANACS and PCGS is $35-$50 depending on the type of grading service you request. The PCGS website has a price guide and grades coins as a service.  ANACS is strictly a third party grading service.

Now, if that coin is for sale on eBay for $75, you just made a $60 profit!

Considering the facts that silver prices generally go up in value over the years and other investments do not bring as much enjoyment because you cannot touch and see them on a day to day basis, collecting coins is not only fun but also profitable.

I strongly urge you to stay away from buying coins that are not third party graded because your coin grade is based on an emotional opinion and value. You cannot confirm the coin grade and mishandling that coin may have had in the past.  Plus the person selling the coin may have priced it at a higher grade that the actual grade of the coin. Cleaning for example will lower the grade and value of a coin. Learning how to detect this mishandling is hard for the beginner. Then, when and if you ever try to sell that non-third party graded coin, you will more than likely lose money.

I plan on enjoying my coins throughout my life and passing some onto my family as well as selling them in on line auctions as I need the money in my later years. I will continue to keep them in a safety deposit box and on hand for future enjoyment. I love watching the value increase over time and especially love thinking about the coins history: who owned the coin?  Was it used in a transaction or in a civil war soldier’s pocket? Not knowing where the coin has been or who owned it adds more adventure to the hobby for me.