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10 Reasons to Become a Police Officer

Three weeks ago, I completed a 5 day training course in video evidence recovery and disc imaging with Resolution Video at the Lakewood Washington Police Department. There were 29 police officers from various states, three civilians and myself, a video forensic expert with 32 years of experience. We worked in groups to help the assignments go quickly and to increase the learning experience. I was partnered with a police officer for most of my assignments.
My company, Primeau Forensics, has worked with many demographic sectors, police departments being one of them. We perform digital evidence recovery, audio and video enhancement, audio and video authentication and voice identification. I have learned a lot from our relationships working with police officers. In the following post, I would like to describe why I believe people become police officers.

One, people become police officers because the job is exciting. Think about all the jobs you have worked in your life. Does the word ‘excitement’ describe any of them? Police officers answer emergency calls, they protect and serve their community and make a difference in people’s lives. The excitement keeps them dedicated day after day.

Two, a police officer makes a decent income. The national average is $60,000.00 a year. They have job security, a pension plan and a retirement account.
Three, police officers have plenty of opportunity for job advancement. The officers I have met in my life have all received promotions during their careers. Promotions include new and different responsibilities, as well as pay increases.

Four, several of the police officers I know have taken early retirement. It must be comforting to know that if you chose to, you can retire early and have a pension to live on. I like to view this as an exit strategy, something many workers do not think of during the course of their career.

Five, police officers are respected in their community. When they proudly wear their uniform and are working in their community, they feel respect from citizens.

Six, police officers make a difference in people’s lives. I myself have had experience with amazing service from police officers. One night, my daughter was missing. I called the local sheriff’s office and a car was in my driveway in less than five minutes. It turned out that she was just absent minded and her cell phone battery died. While I was worried and upset, the first responding officer made me feel better.

Seven, police officers are in good physical shape because they generally do not spend their work day sitting behind a desk. They mostly stay active and move regularly during their work shift. They also have access to exercise facilities which helps them stay healthy and fit.

Eight, police officers testify in court and help convict criminals beyond their arrest. Their testimony is very powerful because of their respect in the community. Their training benefits them, as well, as they are able to convey their involvement during testifying calmly and in detail.

Nine, they have each other to rely and depend on during difficult times. The police community is extremely supportive and available to officers in need.

Ten, unlike other jobs, police officers receive ongoing training. They are trained extensively to protect the community they live in.

I am not personally made of the character to be a police officer but I am thankful to work with the police and enjoy doing so. I would like to wish a sincere thank you to police officers everywhere because with lack of police presence, our society would end up in utter chaos.

Thought Leadership and Marketing: Three Tips for Success

Business SuccessThought Leadership and Marketing are two very important aspects to business that are often overlooked, unaccounted for, and completely ignored.  No wonder 70% of all new businesses fail in the first year

Marketing is the activity of getting your business name out there. “Out there” has different definitions depending on who you ask. To your public, those persons or businesses that need your goods and services. How will these future buyers know about your business if there is no marketing plan in place?

Businesses need to have staff or an outsourced marketing person to help carry out the marketing plan. One of our clients is an extremely successful training company that cannot seem to designate a marketing person within their company.  In fact, the CEO will not spend the annual investment for an on staff or outsources marketing person. As a result, a lot of face to face contact is necessary to close deals and a lot of opportunities are missed.

The day to day activities of marketing personnel includecreating Internet content, managing social media activity and developing strategies for inbound and outbound campaigns.

This content creation is where my perspective on Thought Leadership begins.  Creating content is the capital ‘T’ most important activity for any business that has a marketing plan in place. If that content includes great website content, blog postings and audio and video podcasts, you have a much better chance of impressing your audience “out there” so they do business with your company.

Thought leadership is the strategies necessary to position your company as a leader in your industry.  Do you know the answers to these questions?

  • What does your business know that your competitors don’t know?
  • How much more experience and customer reviews do you have than your competitors?
  • What differentiates you for your competition?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • How do you communicate this information across all marketing platforms? Do you use media relations to leverage your expertise?
  • Are you happy with your website?

Your company website is the first place to begin building your thought leadership. You are a thought leader when people look to you for answers they cannot find anywhere else.

Your company website is also your virtual storefront. I believe a website is never done. Rather, it is a work in process since nearly every industry has been through reinvention (including the Funeral Industry). Having the ability to easily change and modify your website today is more crucial to the survival of your marketing strategy and ultimately your business than anything else (except maybe for customer service and quality product).

So how do you position your thought leadership in your marketing efforts? Start with these three tips:

1. Make sure your website is 100% perfect to attract customers.  Continuously post new content in the form of blog posts and audio and video podcasts.  This 1) gives your visitors a reason to want to come to your website, 2 )gives your visitors a reason to do business with your company, and 3) gives Internet spiders a reason to crawl your website. Inbound marketing numbers exceed outbound marketing numbers in order of importance. Inbound marketing is the activity of people finding you rather than you finding them.  I hate to oversimplify but the effort and money you put into outbound marketing like email marketing, ad words, advertising and direct mail will yield you much LESS business than a well organized and strategized “thought leadership” based outbound marketing campaign.

2. Work on Link building: get as many organic links to your website as possible. .ORG, .GOV and .EDU are the best link builders.  .COM is valuable too. We are asked regularly for permission from organizations to link to our content and/or republish. In my humble opinion, nobody needs permission to link to articles and blog posts.  Outside links are a good thing.

3. Drive traffic in social media communities and Internet marketing campaigns to purchasable content across all communication channels. When you give away advice, business will come back to you.  I have been working with people coaching and consulting since the day we met.  They call when they need help. These excellent clients know that we will deliver for them.  Many were referred by other clients; others found us on the Internet.  At least 20% of our business each year comes unsolicited from the Internet. That number may jump to 40% this year since we are experiencing rapid growth.

Marketing is how you can get your message out there and content creation is an important component of marketing. When creating content, focus on thought leadership to help you position your company as a leader in your industry. Making sure your website is perfect, working on link building, and driving traffic from various Internet channels to purchasable content are three ways to help you establish thought leadership. Our line is open for your feedback and questions.

What Type of Water Do You Drink?

What Type of Water Do You Drink?Trace Minerals: More important than vitamins

Earlier this week I went to the best chiropractor in the world, Dr. Bowler, at the Essential Chiropractic in Ferndale Michigan.  I have been a patient for 20 years.  Dr Bowler only adjusts the top three vertebra because it is her belief that if your head is on straight, the rest of your body will follow accordingly.

I had a few sore spots and thought for sure my neck was out of alignment.  It was not and Dr Bowler began asking questions.  One big question was “What type of water do you drink?” For about 6 months, we have been getting reverse osmosis water by the gallons.  Dr Bowler said that reverse osmosis water is almost like poison to the body because it robs us of our minerals.

She went on to say that more people suffer from mineral depletion than vitamin depletion. So why the pain? The body is depleted of trace minerals faster with reverse osmosis water because when drank, the osmosis process strips every mineral out of water and our bodies.

Her prescription: stop at any health food store and buy some liquid trace minerals. Add three times the dose to a shot of real water (bottled) and slam it down.  “If you are in touch with your body you will feel immediate relief.” So I did and I did.  It was instant; the pain in my neck went away as well as the lower back pain.

Mineral testing is my next goal to maintain my health. At 53, I completely understand the importance of prevention. I now add a few drops to my bottled water several times each day.  My mood has improved and my body feels a whole lot better.

The Secret to My Success

secret to successWhen I speak professionally, people ask me about my personal journey.  Some ask for advice and others want to know what they can do to be more successful.

As my friend and client Mark C. Thompson explains in his presentations, success has different meanings to different people. In my case, I have been extremely fortunate to have been around very successful people for most of my life. That is where I learned this Ed Primeau quote: “you smell like what you rub up against.”

My father, Edmond E. Primeau, was a successful architect who designed many beautiful homes, office buildings, nursing homes and medical centers in and around Detroit in communities like Gross Point Michigan.

He and my mom use to drive to the construction sites and check up on the builders’ and contractors’ progress to make sure that they were following his very detailed directions for the construction.

Having a great father was the foundation to the secret of my success.

I was also fortunate to develop the ability and learn wrong from right at an early age. I didn’t always do what was right, but at least I knew the difference. Parents should always stress the importance of right and wrong to their children in a non controlling way.  If you do not know what I mean, then you are probably controlling.

Parents should also stress the importance of a good education to their children. Today more than ever, a good education is one of the main ingredients of a successful life. Education does more that simply teach.  Education helps the child develop social skills, learn how to interact with others and discover how many different types of people there are in the world.

Through this education process, your children will also learn how to recognize opportunity.  Opportunity is a pathway to success. I have had several door knocks of opportunity over the years that have all contributed to who I am today.

It’s sad, but some people go through life without recognizing opportunity.  They are missing the spark that ignites their passion.  If this happens to be you reading this post, I suggest that you take a retreat and meditate to discover your passion.  Once you know what excites you then you can pursue that passion.

Just like Napoleon Hill’s philosophy, I believe opportunity can come from adversity. Primeau Productions LLC supplies film restoration and product development for the Napoleon Hill Foundation. As a result of this relationship PPLLC has become the most positive place to produce video. Our business environment is one of the most forward thinking video production companies on the face of the earth. Having a strong positive attitude is one of the qualifications for employment.

The friendships we have made with our clients have also contributed to my success.  Our relationships define who we are in life.

Here are three activities that you can do to become more successful.

1. Lend a helping hand to those in need. The only way we can feel successful is to share ourselves with others

2. Read “Think and Grow Rich,” the most important book for living a successful life

3. Share your life lessons with other people


Success is defined by each of us.  Only you can determine the secret to your success.

Early Influences Guide our Lives

8mm cameraI believe that early childhood experiences have a profound impact on our personal and professional lives.

I am convinced that I developed a passion for film and video because of my father.  When I was young, he bought a Sears 8MM film camera and began filming family events.  Lucky for me, not only did I have that role modeling, but today I still have those movies.

Back in the 90’s I transferred those films to VHS and gave a copy to each of my siblings. The positive reinforcement I received was a confirmation that I was in the right business and following my passion.

Today these films are on DVD but I intend on transferring them again using high definition video technology.  The DVDs look ok but will look much better when the film is transferred with higher quality equipment. Those family movies have great value to me and I want to keep them in best condition possible.

Watching my father be passionate about the movie camera was very powerful to me.  He was an architect and hand drew the title slides which I was delegated to hold at the beginning of each scene.

These titles were extremely professional and bring up a lot of early childhood memories every time I view the videos.

Here’s the real kicker: this passion has been passed down to my children; two of the four love video production.  I have almost every single event in their early years, and even today, caught on video. I believe their early experiences of witnessing me filming the family activity had a profound impact on their character development just like the impact my father had on me.

Fathers have a huge responsibility raising children.  I am not a licensed psychologist but after being around the best father I ever met, I believe that my fathering skills have contributed to my raising four very successful young adults.  I am extremely happy to have made this connection between early influences and my children.

Why Do Doctors Keep Us Waiting?

waiting roomI just got off a coaching call with Tom Borg ( and part of our conversation this week was around doctors and waiting room time.  Doctors who keep their patients waiting today will lose them because time is our most precious commodity.  Restaurants also have a similar scenario when it comes to wait time.   Customer service has become one of the single most important ingredients in all business success! As consumers we have many choices.  There are almost as many restaurants as there are doctors.  Regardless how good the food is, if the wait time exceeds our expectations and we have to eat fast to get to our next stop, the chances are slim that we will go back to that restaurant in the future.

The same is true for doctors.  Last time I went in for my annual checkup, I sat in the waiting room for a half hour.  Finally the nurse came to take me to the examination room.  In the past she would at least take my temperature and blood pressure.  Instead, she said the doctor would be right in.

A half hour later, I lost my patience and walked out after racking up an hour without seeing the doctor.  I told the attendant I had to reschedule and at that very moment the doctor walked out of the lunch room chewing his food brushing off his hands and apologized.  He must have heard me. I told him I had to leave and reschedule and he apologized and reached his hand out to shake mine, which I reluctantly agreed. I told him I would come back and he asked if I needed any prescriptions.

I told him I was set and left.  I wonder why doctors don’t respect their patient’s time.  I am interested if any of you have similar stories to share via comment to this blog post.  I encourage you to contact Tom Borg if you feel your customer service could use a tune up.