Ed Primeau, CCI, CFC

Ed Primeau, CCI, CFC









Ed Primeau began his career in multimedia in 1979. As an engineer in the music industry, Ed has worked with renowned recording artists like Anita Baker, Bob Seger and Barry Manilow.

In the early 1980s, Mr. Primeau developed a music industry marketing niche, hosting album release parties for major label record companies.

In 1984, Ed founded a full-service video production and Internet marketing company specializing in creative video and social media marketing campaigns.

Ed volunteers for charities and organizations throughout the world including the national Speakers Association Foundation .

Ed is also an ongoing presenter to Notre Dame University on social media and Internet marketing.

In addition, Ed is also a respected audio visual forensics expert engaged in many law cases throughout the United States and Canada.

Ed is the author of Art of Production, a book about multimedia production including techniques, pre to post production time and money saving ideas and techniques as well as packaging and marketing multimedia products.

He is also a contributing author for “Advance Selling for Dummies”. He has been published in many newspapers and magazines including the Wall Street Journal

Primeau Productions, LLC is working with The Napoleon Hill Foundation restoring films of Dr. Hill for future release. Primeau Productions, LLC is actively involved with production, publishing and promotion for Digital Internet campaigns for clients throughout the world.

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