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Unemployment Sucks

A few months ago I was at a friend’s mother’s funeral. Afterwards at the wake I sat across from a man who looked to be in his late 40s. Because my nature is talkative, I struck up a conversation with him and he began to tell me that he was […]


Rare Beatles Recordings and Internet Marketing

I was recently in Guadalajara filming additional footage for our El Viejito Tequila documentary. While checking my email in my hotel room at the Hilton one evening, I opened an email from the band that I manage, Soulfreee, about dates available for gigging. In the end of the email the […]


My Favorite Hair Care Product

Many guys (and gals) know that as men age they lose testosterone. It’s a big deal because low testosterone causes weight gain because lack of testosterone lowers metabolism. Another bummer is hair loss. Therefore, many aging men have excess belly fat and are balding. Funny thing is that the hair […]


Almost Thirty Years of Customer Service for Floyd Wickman

Shortly after I started Primeau Productions in 1984, I met Floyd Wickman. Floyd quickly became a mentor and led me to the National Speakers Association. Primeau Productions soon became an audio and video supplier to professional speakers around the world. Last week I had the opportunity to work with Floyd […]


This Isn’t Rocket Science

Back in the 1960s as Cold War tensions were just heating up, the Soviet Union and the United States were constantly trying to outdo one another in what was known as the space race. In the midst of this competition, the United States spent millions of dollars to invent a […]


There’s More Than One Eagle at the Toledo Zoo

This is a follow up to an earlier post that I wrote about Joe Walsh performing at the Toledo Zoo Amphitheater. The concert was last night, and even though the drive was about ninety minutes each way, it was worth every bit of effort to go see Joe Walsh perform […]


If Everyone Were a Mentor

My first mentor, Floyd Wickman, taught me a lot about business and selling. He also taught me a lot about relationships and the power of using the right words to persuade. One of the most important challenges on our journey of success is to find and built a relationship with […]

What America Does Not Know About Tequila

I was just in Mexico video recording the 75th anniversary of EL Viejito, which is a very small tequila making company in Guadalajara, and I was amazed to see the work ethic, the quality, and the volume of product this company produced. The interesting thing about tequila is that most […]

Joe Walsh at the Toledo Zoo

Last week I was on facebook for a moment when I noticed an ad for Joe Walsh at the Toledo zoo amphitheatre. I thought it was kind of strange because it didn’t make sense when I first saw the ad, so I clicked on it. I’ve noticed a lot of […]


Collector Coins: a Great Investment You Can See Every Day

I have been collecting coins for as long as I can remember. My brothers and father introduced me to the hobby which has turned into quite an investment. When I started, silver coins were in circulation. My paper routes gave me plenty of coins to search and keep.  Although most […]